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South Africa


The combination of South Africa’s landscape, people, history and culture makes it one of the most enchanting countries in the world.

Why To Go - 10 Reasons

  1. Unforgettable experience every time.
  2. Easy to do your own travel.
  3. Spectacular and diverse culture, history, nature and wildlife.
  4. Relaxation and activity to suit your personal tastes and interests.
  5. Warm sunny days most of the year and pleasant climate.
  6. The most accessible quality accommodation.
  7. Malaria free Africa safari in the south.
  8. Beautiful landscape.
  9. Tasty foods.
  10. Visas are for three months.

When To Go

South Africa can be visited comfortably any time. Winter (June to September) is cooler, drier and ideal for hiking and wildlife-watching. Spring is the best time to see vast expanses of Northern Cape carpeted with wildflowers.

More of a consideration than weather are school holidays. Accommodation is heavily booked, and prices can more than double. It's essential to book in advance. On the plus side, the high summer months offer some great festivals, for example the Cape Town New Year Karnaval, and Swaziland's Incwala ceremony.

Whatever type of holiday you enjoy! Everything based on your requirements. Young or old, whether you are looking for adventure, or if you just want to relax and soak up the sun on one of the many blue flag beaches and stunning game lodges, see wildlife? South Africa offers it all!

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